There are many ways in which you can donate much-needed materials and support.

In particular, donate here online to The Patchwork Moose by purchasing a gift card to supply mask makers with materials. During checkout please be sure to input our email address ( to ensure we receive the funds to purchase supplies. Read below to learn what and how to donate, in support of this effort.

Also, take a look at our About page to read about the amazing people and companies who have already supported our mission.

What to donate?

We need materials to make masks, including:

  • 100% cotton fabric. That stash in your closet can save lives!

  • Materials for nose pieces, including: floral wire, pipe-cleaners

  • Bias tape

  • Elastic

  • Cotton t-shirts for ties

  • Sewing tools, such as: rotary cutter, rulers, iron mats, sewing machines, thread

  • Other: Plastic bags, Sharpie pens

We would also appreciate these other types of donations, in support of the broader effort:

  • Items to give as thanks to volunteers, including gift cards

  • Gas cards for drivers

  • Gift cards, to help purchase materials

How to donate?

It's simple! Go to this "Materials Donation" form and tell us a bit about yourself and what you are able to donate!

Please note: We are not accepting direct financial donations, do not have a Go Fund Me account, and do not plan to at this time. If you are excited to donate in a way not indicated on the form above, please email us at - and THANK YOU.