Make Masks

Ready to get sewing? You've come to the right page for current guidance on sewing masks in the approved way and getting those masks to the organizations that need them most!

Scroll down to read about the steps involved in making masks: Learn Patterns, Get Materials, Sew Masks, Donate Your Work, and Share Your Work

1. Learn the preferred patterns

This simple face mask is one of our most often requested and highly recommended mask styles. It's simple to make, and can be made modified to fit a child, or adult!

Our recommendation for a simple mask pattern can also be viewed as a PDF by clicking here, or you can view the full pattern by scrolling to the bottom of this web page!

Other recommended patterns include:

  1. "Care New England" - Download here

  • Written pattern for an adult mask with interfacing, nose bridge, cotton ties, & pocket.

  • This mask can be made without the interfacing is comparable to the "Very Best Face Mask Tutorial" video.

  1. "Sweet Red Poppy" - Directions here

  • A text and video tutorial to make a bias-tape surgical face mask with flexible nose.

It's also ok to use a more simple design, just be sure to make note of that in your volunteer form and on the bag, when the masks are donated, so they can be directed to the appropriate recipients.

2. Get your materials ready

  • If you need to request materials of some type, please use this "Materials Donation/Request Form"

  • Important things we've learned along the way:

      • Some fabrics work better than others. Study finds, "The best masks are constructed of two layers of heavyweight "quilters cotton" with a thread count of at least 180, and had thicker and tighter weave. Added filters or various non-woven materials increases efficiency."

      • Use different color fabrics on the inside and outside of the masks, so the wearer can ensure they are coming into contact only with one side of the mask.

      • Different flexible materials can be used for nose bridges, but non-corroding materials are ideal (as they withstand high heat/dry cycles). Nose pieces may be: pipe cleaner, paper clips, jewelry wire (many are non-corroding), bread ties (double or triple-up), floral wire, garden wire, or other... What matters most is using something that creates a good fit/seal of the nose piece and that there is no risk of the metal poking through the fabric and causing injury.

3. Start making masks

  • When you are ready to get sewing, please fill out the "Sewing Volunteer Form" here, to provide the group with information on your contribution.

  • Read this important document: "Safety Guidance for Home and Prep of Homemade Masks"

      • Note: this information is guidance, not guidelines. Please use responsible judgement and keep yourself educated on safety recommendations by the state and municipality.

  • Visit our Facebook Page to connect with other mask makers, share tips, and learn!

4. Donate your mask.

  • When you fill out your volunteer form, you'll indicate if there is a particular organization/focus effort for which you plan to sew your masks. It's also helpful if you comment on the Facebook Page under the thread you'd like to get involved with!

  • When your masks are completed, fill out this "Mask Pickup Form" to schedule a porch pickup of your completed masks. Porch pick-ups happen on Sundays.

  • Complete the donation form you see in the image to the left, you can download it by clicking here.

  • There are also Central Drop-Off locations available. You can see the latest available locations here, open during each location's traditional business hours:

    • Anchorage: First Congregational Church (Mon/Weds 12-2)

    • Anchorage: Alaska Club West

    • South Anchorage: Midnight Sun Brewing Company

    • Eagle River: Quilt Cache

    • Wasilla: Sylvia Quilt Depot

    • Seward: Sew'n Bee Cozy

    • Talkeetna: Upper Susitna Food Pantry

Here are examples of recent projects Alaska Mask Makers have fulfilled:

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Preferred Simple Mask Pattern (Full Instructions)

BONUS: Beyond Fabric Masks

  • Interested in making other types of Personal Protective Equipment besides masks? Our community on Facebook is wonderfully creative. Many folks are posting ideas about making gowns, caps, mask ties, and more! Come join us and check it out!

  • Here is a recommended scrub hat pattern that's simple to do!

  • There are local efforts underway to product N95-like masks with 3D printing. They are looking for anyone with a printer who is able and willing to help out. Click on this link to learn more and (from that page), add yourself to this spreadsheet if you have a 3D printer, are in Alaska, and are willing to help out!